cya l8r!

this should come as a shock to no one, but i'll be stepping down as an icon maker at this community from today. i'm really no longer following or even into animanga since i traded my soul for kpop, so i doubt i'll be putting any effort into trying to make posts geared towards fandom anymore. i'll still be posting icons at teacloud, but for here, this is it! thanks for the continual flood of watchers and comments and spazzing and putting up with me posting nearly everyday, when i did. hopefully this place doesn't collect too much dust without me. >:3

nvr4git u bubblemilk, it's been fun.
✿ beautiful hour

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♥ 20 spots open
♥ one request per person!
♥ Reserves are okay
♥ HQ images only please. You give me crap pictures, you get crap icons :)
♥ Manga icon requests are okay! Give me a color reference, please.
♥ all requests are sharable

20/20 :) thank you